You may have been cited for speeding, a red light violation, DUI, or for any other moving violation. Regardless of the nature of your traffic offense or its location in the state, attorney Joseph Patriarca can help resolve these traffic matters in a favorable way and provide the legal assistance you need to fight the charges.

Whether you have been stopped for:  
Turn signal violation
Traffic device violation
Reckless driving (a criminal offense in Rhode Island)
Presence of alcohol
Failure to wear seat belt
Driving on a suspended license (a criminal offense in Rhode Island)
DUI (a criminal offense in Rhode Island)
Refusal to submit to a chemical test
Suspended Licenses or any other Traffic Violations

Attorney Joseph Patriarca can help fight and win your traffic tickets.   Pleading guilty, by paying the ticket, can make your insurance rate go up substantially and you could even lose your license as a result of a traffic ticket.  It is important to fight the ticket and fight hard for a dismissal.